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About Pearl Island

Welcome to Pearl Island.

At Pearl Island you will discover an exciting range of cultured, freshwater pearls.  Our exclusive designs of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and studs give a glamorous and distinctive look to any outfit.  Pearl Island offers the choice of spherical pearls, keishi pearls, baroque pearls, biwa pearls, and stick pearls, with which you can create your own individual style.

We are an UK based family run pearl jewellery business and directly import pearls from China. This means we are able to ensure the finest pearls are used in our pieces and makes our prices unbeatable.

Our pearls are carefully selected from finest Chinese Freshwater Pearls. Our jewellery is especially designed in the UK.  We offer a wide range of styles to suit all tastes; we can also design jewellery to your own specification at a reasonable cost. 

We aim to provide our customers with a wide choice of fashionable pearl jewellery for all occasions.  For easy reference we catalogued styles and designs into different ranges and hope you find something that meets your taste and expectations.

About Our Pearl Jewellery

The earliest written records of pearls come from China, where 3000 years ago freshwater pearls were described as being "not quite round," and from this flourished the beginnings of the pearl jewellery industry.

Indeed, China is today the source for most of the worlds freshwater pearls, with Chinese freshwater pearls being estimated by some to account for a staggering 99% of the pearl jewellery produced worldwide.

The appeal of pearls and pearl jewellery seems to flow from the captivating quality of the iridescent lustre and luminosity of the pearls themselves, this bewitching appearance being extremely alluring.

And this is why from these ancient beginnings even to the modern day, pearl jewellery has retained its place as one of the most beautiful, desirable, and sentimental tokens of love and affection that it is possible to give to someone special in your life.



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